CRA is Picking on You, Metaphorically

Who we are

We are a group of professional accountants with over 15 years of experience and are here to share our CRA experience AND offer our services to fight for your rightful refund.

The catch? Pay us what you want AFTER you received your refund.

Read on.


In the old days, aka prior to 2016, getting your tax refund was quick and simple. It involved two steps:

  1. File your taxes
  2. Get your refund in 2 weeks

Nowadays, it involves 12 steps:

  1. File your return
  2. Get your refund in 2 weeks
  3. Receive a processing review
  4. Takes you 1 month to gather the documents
  5. Potentially deny your refund and charge you penalties and interest
  6. Once you submitted your documents, CRA takes another 8 months to process it
  7. Meanwhile, you get conflicting letters that they have received your documents and 4 months later that they never got a response and your file is closed.
  8. After repeated attempts to patch through, they found your file
  9. Take another 8 months for them to respond
  10. Meanwhile you can’t sleep at night because you haven’t returned the refund and the penalties and interest are incrementing each day.
  11. Get a response from CRA only to find out they received parts of your information hence your eligible refund is reduced to pennies
  12. At this point, you give up and you let them have it their way

How it happened

Since JT was elected, a real push was made to collect taxes. Not from the rich, not from those with offshore real estates and assets but from you. Provinces, primarily BC and ON, have allowed real estate prices to sky rocket so that the Gov’t can pocket land transfer taxes while we, the real income earners, are priced out. Global cash is flushing into Toronto and our politicians do nothing because of pure greed. After all, how else are they gonna build that $X BILLION dollar subway in GTA. It’s 2018, just give us autonomous tech, you already invested 100 years of our money on highways and roads anyways!

So who are hurting the most out of this? You. The middle income earners, the small business owners. If you are reading this, you are probably one of the victims of CRA’s incompetence.

If you are reading this, you probably fit, some if not all, the following criteria:

  1. Filed your own taxes. Because it’s simple!
  2. Experienced, in some way shape or form, the above 12 notorious steps described above.
  3. Have no idea how to correspond to the CRA because nothing seems to work in that office of theirs.
  4. Contemplating to go to a tax professional but, you being you, are cash strap and don’t want those professional fees go beyond your initial refund.
    1. OR, you were denied service, because no professional accountants out there would accept a simple case like yours for a few hundred dollar of billings when they got richer, bigger clients to assist, whom are the real target that the CRA should be focusing in the first place!
  5. On a thin red line to simply give up
  6. Last but not least, shaking your head in disbelief.

If you fit any of those criteria above, we can help.

How our team can help

  1. We will represent you. We have been servicing middle income earners like you for the last 15 years. We have the letters, the formatting, the experience and everything in our arsenal to spoon feed those incompetent CRA agents – 15 years straight!
  2. Our service is personalized, and it has to be personalized, otherwise we can’t fight for your rightful refund.
  3. We are located in GTA and are available during business hours for meet up and a genuine chat. If you are located elsewhere in Canada, we respond to emails 24/7!

Our fees

  1. We accept a percentage of your refund  – 15%, 25%, 35%, 45%, 50%. Depending on your % selected, the service is prioritized and queued.
    1. If you wish to pay now, your priority sequence is #1 no matter what the % you choose. Restriction: Amounts after % applied must be above $800 to be eligible for first priority sequence.
  2. The best part, we do not get paid until you get paid! Which then you may ask why? Reason is very simple. CRA takes way too long to process paperwork and we understand that there’s more wait time than actual doing.

How to contact us

  1. Simply email us at incompetentcra@gmail.com
    • Tell us your name, your preferred contact information.
    • Tell us the % of refund you wish to select.
    • Tell us about your situation and how incompetent the CRA was to you!
    • Once a conversation is initiated, one of our mobile accountants will set up a time and date with you.

Fine prints – not small fonts

  1. We reserve the right to refuse your case, at any time, after reviewing the situation presented. We reserve the right to terminate the service at any time during the process. If we refused your case at any time, no fee will be charged to you and no damages can be laid on us either.
  2. You too reserve the right to terminate our services, but not after the first correspondence with the CRA. Should you wish to terminate our service after the first correspondence with the CRA, a fee of $250 will be charged to cover our time cost. Fair? If you find it unfair, let us know why and we may/may not charge based on your rationale and response.
  3. Should CRA’s incompetence extend beyond normal human threshold, an agreed upon additional fee may be charged.
  4. Once the refund is received, the agreed upon % of refund that you have selected and agreed to pay for our hard work is instantly legally binding.
  5. We will require your consent to access your CRA online account.

Thank you for reading!

With full respect to your rightful refund,

The Competent Team Against Incompetent CRA.